A penis (cock) fatter than it is long; an utterly useless thing that no one could be proud of.
'My kid is a total choad; she called the principal at her school dad.'


P Diddy is a choad.


'Mmmm fuck... Dude my choad is really itchy, do you mind if i scratch it?'


Some Paedophiles will settle for a choad.


He came to think of his choad as his off button.
by beakface June 18, 2010
"It's the *space* *between* your nutsack and your asshole."

You have to say it exactly like that, emphasizing *space* and *between* (and you have to emphasize the words separately).
Q: "What's a Choad?"

A: "It's the *space* *between*..."
by redblade77 August 12, 2009
Noun, usually used to define a person in an unsavorery way. A loser or unpopular person.
Mark is such a choad, I dont know why we hang out with him.
by Darth Oxx July 31, 2009
Tall beast-like (but that'd be giving him too much credit) creature, with a bizarre shaped head and eyes placed on said head in a position as to resemble a Zandu Zan from "The Last Starfighter". This creature tends to hang out in Quality Assurance Offices spouting knowledge that doesn't exist.
An avid motorcyclist, this creature loves to discuss anything unimportant.
Hey, Choad! Is Your bike running? MYAHHHH! Did you ride it in today? MYAAAAAAAH!
by Choadington Choadsworth Bear February 15, 2008
A penis that is wider, than it is long.

Mel Gibson. Hitler. Your mother.

"My choad hurts"
by Adrian O'Toole August 04, 2006
when a dick is thicker than it is longer kind of like the astrodome shaped scrodm
the word choad simply describes maurice dweck
by Isaac horrowitz June 07, 2006
A chaod, is a penis that is disproportionately wide in comparison to its length, and looks something like a can of tuna. The name originates from Spain. also known to the French as 'Le Penis avec largeur horrifiant' or Penis of horrifying width.
Quote from the first recorded choad bearer 1679, William LaChaode, ' I wish didn't have this penis that was so disproportionately wide in comparison to its length, Harry'

Girl who opens a zipper only to find a choad concealed within its denim confines, 'Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!'
by Prof. Phillip LaChoad May 16, 2006

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