1. A penis that appears to lack a shaft.
2. A shaftless penis.
3. A penis head that emerges from pubic hair and the genital sack without a visible shaft.
After skinny dipping, Richard's choad made all the ladies snicker.
by ElyVader September 21, 2010
A penis (cock) fatter than it is long; an utterly useless thing that no one could be proud of.
'My kid is a total choad; she called the principal at her school dad.'


P Diddy is a choad.


'Mmmm fuck... Dude my choad is really itchy, do you mind if i scratch it?'


Some Paedophiles will settle for a choad.


He came to think of his choad as his off button.
by beakface June 18, 2010
A person who is dumb
"Man that guy is such a choad! He thinks 3x3 is 6!"
by jiffylube October 28, 2008
the penis
wider than it is as long
usually found on emo pirate hookers
you have a choad
so shut the fuk up =P
by BiGnazty July 05, 2005
A very short, but unusually wide penis.

gotta GET IT ON in the party zone!
gotta LICK A CHOAD in the party zone!
by snuffles345 January 07, 2008
when a dick is thicker than it is longer kind of like the astrodome shaped scrodm
the word choad simply describes maurice dweck
by Isaac horrowitz June 07, 2006
A male penis that is wider than it is long.
That fat, short man is a bit of a choad
by Stephen Skepper January 14, 2004

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