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1.A penis that is wider than it is long. If this type of penis were to have any length at all, it would somewhat resemble a dinner plate or a tree stump. If not, it is little more than a nub.

2.This also applies to people that are wider than they are tall.
1. Eric: Dude, is that a dinner plate in your pants?
Carl: No man, that's just my choad.
Eric: Oh.

2. Michal: Jeeze Meagan's an asshole!
Eve: I know dude, she's a total choad.
Michal: Wow. You are so right.
by cosmoplitan November 08, 2006
A small/fat publess penis
Will:Look George is peeing in the corner again

Jamie:Thats because he doesnt want us to see his fat choad
by William Middleton April 30, 2005
James the Enchanter
James is a Choad because he won't go to a strip club (his wife won't let him)
by Stealthpot November 22, 2003
1.Penis that is wider than it is long, the exsistance of such is questionable. it would only be posible when not experiencing an erection,often spelt chode down under.

2.Area of skin between the sack and the arse
1."its a choad, you dont suck, you lick"

2."my bicycle had its seat of the other day, i sat down hard and bruised my choad"
by coopz March 08, 2008
A penis so wide it hurts a woman to even fit into her, proof having a big dick is not the best thing ever.
PB's choad was so wide it didnt even fit into a girl who had a baby, to believe he had sex with a virgin with that monster poor girl prolly has no tightness left now...
by Diarrhea Mouth February 23, 2008
1) A choad is when your ball sack hangs lower than your penis
2) A choad can also be a disliked person
1) I can't help it that i have a choad.... My balls are too big.
2) Man that guy's such a choad
by Kyle Luecke February 08, 2008
slang term for a pilchard
chuck us that bucket of choads, i'm gonna hook one up and catch me a big mother fucker of a fish.
by king parrot June 18, 2007