Slang from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. A Cigarette.
"Yo man let's go puff a boon!"

"Can I get a boon?"
by Michael Zoccano November 29, 2007
Basically a oakville slang for smoke or cigarette. Everyone uses it in oakville, slowly moving its way towards burlington.
Dude, links me a boon.

Yo, Bro can i have a boon.

Mom, wanna spilt a boon.
by Peter Hasek June 07, 2007
1. To get something really cheaply.

2. to steal

3. something really good and benificial
1. "check out my two pound boon shoes"
"what a boon!"

2. "I've got no money, gonna boon me a sushi pack from Marks and Spencers"

3. "hey, I made you a sandwich"
"boon friend!"

by aplin November 16, 2007
A drink containing both beer (B-) and goon (-oon). Preferably drunk out of a plastic cup.

Person 2: LUVS IT!!!!

by muntlord August 27, 2009
A combination of "poon" (as in pwn pronounced differently) and "bone"
#1: that chick is so hot
by Alvin Mak March 05, 2008
Boon , to completly mess somthing up.
Boon Happens, Doin a boon.
by Tony Gough November 09, 2007
a selfish player, a waste of resources and food for the enemy. boon is generally understood as treasure or gold, so gamewise; a boon is simply walking gold for the enemy.
Boonness, may result to eternal virginity.
"I love playing against that boon! I just keep leveling up!"
by alexander andre August 01, 2007

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