The word originates from Melbourne in South Eastern Australia. It is used to describe a particuler happening on the foosball table but its usage has been extended to encompass other sports, and even professional activities.

'Booning' describes when a foos player is reading his opposition's play so completely, you might say he's reading it like a a dirty, smutty, sex a Mills & Boon novel!! You're being booned!
Don: You got nothin Ivan
Ivan: Your Momma got nothin Don
Don: I'm booning you man - you're my Mills
by stroby1 August 26, 2008
A mischevious, yet very squishy, lovable thing. An incredibly endearing term geared towards babies. Can be used along with other words, such as: boon head, booner, booney ahead or boonsmom.
You are such a BOON head!! Come here, BOONER. Don't do that, BOON! I Love you baby BOON.
by boonsmom July 05, 2010
A term (in gaming usually) which describes a player who has stopped being a noob and has actually become an intelligent and responsible player. In a sense, a "redeemed noob" or the reversal of noobish behaviour.
Mike was once a complete noob on Call Of Duty, now he actually plays the game well. He's a boon.
by Count Natrophy Narlocks Jones February 23, 2011
To go down on a girl whos pubic region creates a view of a David Boon style moustache on your face.
I booned this hot chick last night.
by Joey Negro October 11, 2010
another word for bullshit or something frustrating or not worthwhile
this movie is boon
this car is boon
by palpitating piss pump June 05, 2010
A more compact way of sayin Baboon.
Stop monkeying round like a B00n
Yeh,i had a great time at the zoo,i saw loadsa b00ns!
by Da_Butcha July 27, 2003
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