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The act of rawdogging it up the ass until one cums.
Michael was booning Kathlene so hard that she walked with a limp for weeks.
by BooningKate February 04, 2011
17 6
Romping whilest toasted off your ass.
"Dude let's go romping after school"

"Fuck man let's go booning, I just bought a fat dub"

"Mos def, I'll get some papers for lunch"
by midgets1992 January 14, 2010
14 4
The act of hitting on or seducing someone when they are obviously repulsed by you.
Dude, you're booning so badly.
by Bob & Lundy August 04, 2010
15 6
Butt spooning.
When you spoon. Cept backwards.
by captainswagger June 13, 2011
3 3
What booger eating moron hillbillies in the sticks do for entertainment. Get into the back of a pickup truck with a bottle of BOON's Farm wine, and then play chicken with a tree.
Get drunk, give a hummer, go boon.
by Patty Donovan January 17, 2005
11 16