Boon is short for Baboon. It is a phrase to describe uncultured niggers.... well there aren't any cultured niggers, but I am just saying....
Look at that boon... he is trying to steal your car...
by Sunny D September 09, 2010
Noob spelled backwards.
Although it does not mean the opposite of 'Noob', it has to do with the same idea. While a noob is someone lacking experience, therefore tey are rather terrible at whatever it may be, a boon is somebody with experience but for whatever reason, they are just as bad. A boon plays at the skill level of a noob but they do't have an excuse because they have experience in the field they are performing in.
Mike: John, you're such a boon.
John: What are you talking about? I just started playing.
Mike: You've been playing for 2 years and you are still terrible!
by Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood April 08, 2007
A nigger. An individual of African origin.
Don't park your car here, there are boons living nearby. They will steal it!
by Sunny D January 07, 2006
a person or object bearing similarities to the baboon
you sir, are a boon
by mike November 25, 2003
A massive noob. Worse than a noob.
You are such a boon
by Stoneyjunior February 18, 2015
another word for lady parts
stick it in her boon
that girl has a bucket boon
drop kick that boon
by lankyboy December 19, 2012
something lame, or bad. the opposite of the phrase "dank".
" oh that guys so boon."
" thats boon bro."
by brownie1234 August 17, 2011
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