(v) to be booned. From the renowned Mills & Boon. To be completely lost on a joke/explanation in such a way you feel deeply empty. Should however be taken lightly.
You've been booned!!!
by Nostradumass April 11, 2005
from Oakville, ON

a cigarette
give me a boon!
do you have any boons?
by cat February 12, 2005
A stupid moron who will never and has never had a girl friend and spends hiw whole life playing video games. He is also known to run around going "Nerrrrr" or "Jail?". He is also a lazy mofo.
What the hell? What the f**k is Boon doing now, he's such a moron?
by Omble February 26, 2004
An adjective to describe someone big or muscular.
Jeff: Check that guy he is massive.
Abdul: Dam straight bitch he's a rite boon.

Jeff: Theres Arni.
Abdul: Booooooooooon.
by Appollo January 06, 2009
A crude, rather daft sexual colloquialism, synonym for the much wider-known "fuck." Heard, from my experience, exclusively in the Cayman Islands.
"Yo yo yo. You booned that gyal or wha'?"
by Doctor Rolphy March 10, 2005
A big nasty butt. May be pointy and round.
Nigga watch out for that boon, it's gonna swallow you whole.
by Long Bang Trung August 21, 2004
Noun. Originated in the year 1998. A boon is a monkey/Sexy guy.

Adj. To be 'boonish' describes sexiness and masculinity.
1) You freaggin' boon, get out of that tree and return those bananas!

a] Dude, you're such a boon.
b] Hey Dave Debruyn, you're looking mighty boonish today! Kudos.
by Boontallion March 30, 2004

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