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also known as bewn and b00n.. it specifies a certain person that did something/said something that was stupid. like:
Hey guys, know what I did today?
- no, what?
I died to a paladin r0fl
olol you >boon< you suck
by Infiniteh August 29, 2007
from Oakville, ON

a cigarette
give me a boon!
do you have any boons?
by cat February 12, 2005
An adjective to describe someone big or muscular.
Jeff: Check that guy he is massive.
Abdul: Dam straight bitch he's a rite boon.

Jeff: Theres Arni.
Abdul: Booooooooooon.
by Appollo January 06, 2009
A crude, rather daft sexual colloquialism, synonym for the much wider-known "fuck." Heard, from my experience, exclusively in the Cayman Islands.
"Yo yo yo. You booned that gyal or wha'?"
by Doctor Rolphy March 10, 2005
A big nasty butt. May be pointy and round.
Nigga watch out for that boon, it's gonna swallow you whole.
by Long Bang Trung August 21, 2004
Noun. Originated in the year 1998. A boon is a monkey/Sexy guy.

Adj. To be 'boonish' describes sexiness and masculinity.
1) You freaggin' boon, get out of that tree and return those bananas!

a] Dude, you're such a boon.
b] Hey Dave Debruyn, you're looking mighty boonish today! Kudos.
by Boontallion March 30, 2004
1)To Boon: The act of curling one out the morning after a hot curry. Produces that ring of fire sensation we all know and love.

2)Boon: The monster shit the morning after a curry. Otherwise known as a curry turd
'I baned something cronic this morning'

'Chris' Boon stank out the entire house'
by zerostar88 October 25, 2007