a selfish player, a waste of resources and food for the enemy. boon is generally understood as treasure or gold, so gamewise; a boon is simply walking gold for the enemy.
Boonness, may result to eternal virginity.
"I love playing against that boon! I just keep leveling up!"
by alexander andre August 01, 2007
(!) A derogatory exclamation made to express revulsion or disappointment to a person who's acting like a 14-year old boy.
Person#1: "OMG PLZ!!!!11 HAXX0RZ!! UR SUCH A NOOB!!
Person#2: "Boon."
by Eirik Jakobsen July 18, 2003
male ejaculatory fluid. Semen.
I just booned all over the place!
by the boonster February 06, 2009
The name of a person with a really massive shlong. But the main reason for being called a boon is because one can stear his boat with his shlong
"wow check tht guy on his boat he's blatantly a boon"
by Gmarker September 06, 2007
also known as bewn and b00n.. it specifies a certain person that did something/said something that was stupid. like:
Hey guys, know what I did today?
- no, what?
I died to a paladin r0fl
olol you >boon< you suck
by Infiniteh August 29, 2007
Boon; this can be the name of a sailor. or also someone who races large or small sailboats around an island. this name is most likely given to someone on the boat other than the captain but has a much lesser importance than the first mate.
"the boats are going to boon sail around the island." or "tell boon to get the sails ready and swab the poop deck" this is when boon would reply with an "I sir" or "garrrrrrrrrr"
by first mate March 24, 2007
a cigerette
origionating in Oakville, Ontario, but has spread to burlington and surrounding suburbs.
hey, you got an extra boon?
by hovx248 December 11, 2005

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