n. A person who uses your electronic device to power their electronic device.

v. To plug into another person's device to power your own.
My iPod's dead. I'm going to vampire off your laptop.
by Stormneedle March 06, 2010
An (perceived by its victim to be) attractive and charming person who continually creates and thrives on unrequited sexual tension and drains emotional and vital energy as well as material resources from the victim.

The vampire frequently will retain the same donor for months or years without giving anything of the aforementioned energies in return, or setting the victim free to pursue a mutually nurturing relationship.

The victim often, over time, demonstrates near-matrimonial devotion and will develop something resembling true love for the vampire master.

The vampire frequently does not understand how they have fed at all, nor how near death their victim actually is, and contrarily thinks that the relationship somehow benefits their victim.
Showtime original series "Weeds":

Nancy (role of vampire) and Andy (role of vic)
by shadowmagnet February 08, 2013
1 (Literal definition). A fictional monster of myth and legend that sucks blood and burns in sunlight and holy water. They are undead and their status as a vampire is highly contagious, due to the fact that a vampire's bite on the neck will turn the victim into a vampire, thus causing a vampire breakout. A vampire will sleep in a coffin by day and come out at night to feed on human and/or animal blood. They tend to have a high relation to bats, as they have capes that slightly resemble bat wings and they can transform into a bat. Vampires typically wear formal white suits or other uniforms; pairing them with black shoes, red bow ties, and a large, black cape. A vampire bites its victim in the area in between the neck and the shoulder, and it has large, menacing fangs; extremely pale skin, and, occasionally, claws.

2 (Personal definition). A creature that began to turn un-cool after the release of the piece of crap that they call a book "Twilight." Edward Cullen and Stephanie Meyer completely turned vampires into pretty-boy, non-human-blood-sucking, sparkly, twiggy wimps. A vampire is supposed to BURN in sunlight, not sparkle in it; a vampire must kill everything, not go 'Oh, I'm so wimpy that I'm not gonna hurt humans.'; a vampire must be evil, not nice. The modern definition of Vampire is now "A little lover creature that sparkles in sunlight and will not hurt humans." I swear, I hate Twilight for messing up the true meaning of the word "vampire."
1. Oh my God, Drake, a vampire just bit me! I think I'm going to turn into one! OUCH!

2. Oh, look at me, I'm a pretty fairy.
by TheReshiram December 19, 2010
A badass, classic monster. It resembles a human, except for it's long, sharp fangs, and unusually pale skin. It lives on blood, sucking it from it's victims by biting them, usually on the neck. Similar to a zombie, the victim either dies, or turns into a vampire.

A vampire sleeps in a coffin during the day, as it will burn in the daylight. It is also often associated with bats.

Not to be confused with a sparkling little fucking FAIRY that stalks girls in high school 1/8 their age.

Boy: Please die..

This is an example of how the Vampire has been tainted forever.
by Name removed by the NSA December 13, 2013
A reanimated corpse that drinks the blood of living humans. Vampires are virtually immortal in that they do not age or get sick and possess eternal youth. Vampires possess heightened senses as well as superhuman powers of strength, speed, accelerated healing, mind control, and telepathy.

Vampires can be killed by fire or sunlight as well as decapitation and a wooden stake through their hearts.
Dracula is the king of vampires.
by Cainman September 09, 2013
It all started witch Vlad Tepes(Vlad Dracul) who made up strict laws,punished with impaling,if ever broken.The merchants and outsiders that used to trade within Transylvania,the transylvanian saxons especially,made up stories while not being at home,about how cruel the current leader is,naming him Dracula,meaning more or less Dragon.His father earned the title Dracul for bravery,and recieved an amulet depicting a snake biting his tail in a circle.Transylvania(currently in Romania;))was a pretty exotic place for western europeans,so Bram Stoker used these rumors to create a story witch remains even now famous to the extreme.Sadly people these days are trying to create an alternative image regarding vampires...witch results in an epic FAIL!
twilight fan-listen dude you just goota check this vampire shit out!
original dracula fan-sorry dude.while your gay twilight actors are being manipulated to brainwash teenagers from alover the world,bela lugosi is actually as we speak drinking the blood of hundreds of people to sustain his everlasting lifeforce,and ruling the world behind the shadow....ok i'm just joking.
twilight fan-omg you're like so right...i'm gonna go burn all my twilight collectibles now,bye.
by DeadHashbrother August 27, 2010
There are two types of Vampires, known to mankind.

1. Anorexic men that glitter in the sunlight. They are perfect in every way imaginable. These vampires aren't real, and can only be seen in badfics. See also: Gary Stu, and/or Mary Sue.

2. Creatures of the night, that feed on human blood. If sunlight touches their skin, they will explode into a poof of dust! They usually have 'Widow's Peak' hairlines, with black hair, and very pale skin. Their wardrobe consists of very expensive looking clothes, and a devilishly good cape. These vampires can usually be heard in the castles of Transylvania, playing their large, and dusty pipe organs.
1. Edward Cullen is one of them new fangled Vampire things...

2. The most famous vampire ever, was Dracula! It is still debatable whether or not he existed!
by The_Exuberant_Face August 16, 2010

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