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said if you disagree or just want to be an asshole. greatest word ever...taking the world by storm!
Pat: Pitt is gonna win it all this year.

DJ: Debatable! they can't even win the division
by --DJ-- September 14, 2009
The perfect response or comeback to any statement. This simple word can be used as a comeback or simply just to disagree with someone. Perfect for any situation and also to stop people in their tracts and to shut them up. It also can be used in place of false. I'm not saying i invented the word but I'm spreading it
Chris: That girl is pretty hot
Marco: Debatable!

Anonymous female: Hey I'm pregnant and its yours
by TheIS February 02, 2012
The gentleman's way of saying 'Bullshit'.
Gentleman one: "I say, my good man, that Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is by far one of the most prodigious and exceptional motion pictures to grace the silver screen, don't you know!"

Gentleman two: "Debatable."
by AlcozoidMaHussimya April 16, 2016
When you have no appropriate response to an arguement and feel like being a ten year old. Can be used in the place of "You mad bro?"
Jake: man you are so fucking bad at Cod
by Santichu October 16, 2011
The property and ability to debate extremely well.
Man, Owen is really #Debatable
by JustDebatableThings May 14, 2015
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