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The contracted form of the phrase "come on". Eliminating the space between the two words, the letter "e" and substituting the "o" in "come" with an apostrophe.

Generally used to encourage one to hurry up or follow in one's path.
1) "C'mon! what are you waiting for?"

2) "Here, c'mon, I know a place we could go for dinner"
by -------------- August 03, 2005
A horrible way to try and convince someone to go along with something or do something.
-Want to go to the movies?
-No thanks.
-Oh alright you've convinced me.
by eves June 18, 2006
=Come on.
C'mon dip it!
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
expressing utter disbelief
C'mon; do ya think I'm a monkey's uncle?
by MrRaoul December 04, 2005
Informal Contraction of "Come On"
Jhon: Teny C'mon at the door.

Jhon, Teny "Come On" at the door.
by krusher9 August 27, 2010
an organic fluid, also known as seminal fluid, that may contain spermatozoa, Abbreviation of the word "Semen".
My uterus is full of C'mon
by Mangina45 November 05, 2011

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