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It all started witch Vlad Tepes(Vlad Dracul) who made up strict laws,punished with impaling,if ever broken.The merchants and outsiders that used to trade within Transylvania,the transylvanian saxons especially,made up stories while not being at home,about how cruel the current leader is,naming him Dracula,meaning more or less Dragon.His father earned the title Dracul for bravery,and recieved an amulet depicting a snake biting his tail in a circle.Transylvania(currently in Romania;))was a pretty exotic place for western europeans,so Bram Stoker used these rumors to create a story witch remains even now famous to the extreme.Sadly people these days are trying to create an alternative image regarding vampires...witch results in an epic FAIL!
twilight fan-listen dude you just goota check this vampire shit out!
original dracula fan-sorry dude.while your gay twilight actors are being manipulated to brainwash teenagers from alover the world,bela lugosi is actually as we speak drinking the blood of hundreds of people to sustain his everlasting lifeforce,and ruling the world behind the shadow....ok i'm just joking.
twilight fan-omg you're like so right...i'm gonna go burn all my twilight collectibles now,bye.
by DeadHashbrother August 27, 2010

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