1. A non-sparkling, straight, scary, sun-fearing creature.
2. The opposite of the creature described in the Twilight books.
3. A series in fantasy/horror literature that has been ruined by a series called Twilight.
4. Not a vegetarian
"That vampire is pretty scary!"
"I'm glad he's a vampire, not a sparklepire!"
by anna_animagus May 23, 2010
someone who stays up late at night like 1am.
-That kid is a vampire stayin up all night playing WOW (World of Warcraft).

-That clerk is a vampire working night shift and sleeping throughout day time.
by vampirekid September 02, 2009
A demonically possessed corpse, contrary to popular culture. They can appear in any way, not just a tall Romanian gentleman. They are super humanly strong and smarter than most, along with overall enhanced abilities. They can be countered with religious icons, roses, holy water, silver, garlic and other such objects.
Twilight is a lie. Vampire's aren't anything like that.
by L. Marshall June 11, 2009
A lawyer, especially a lawyer specialized in personal injury claims.
I hate lawyers... what a bunch of vampires.
by Danny hates lawyers May 12, 2007
Vampires are characterized by the following attributes:

1. They are undead, meaning that they have died, but risen again as creatures with tremendous strength, but also a weakness to various things, including garlic, sunlight, and crucifixes.
2. They are consistently extremely malicious, and seek out humans for one or more of the following purposes: to kill and eat, to use as cattle that they consistently drain small amounts of blood from, and/or to turn into more vampires.
3. A vampire has no conscience. Vampires may recognize people that they knew while alive, but they have no emotional response associated with this recognition, other than bloodlust.

Also, some kids dress up as vampires and refer to themselves as "vampires..." but actually they are just human high schoolers with too little homework.
TWILIGHT FAN: Edward Cullen is a vampire.

DRACULA FAN: No. No, he isn't.

TWILIGHT FAN: Shut up! What do you know?! You were born in the late 1800s!

DRACULA FAN: This is true.
by Bertoffski April 01, 2009
n. A person who uses your electronic device to power their electronic device.

v. To plug into another person's device to power your own.
My iPod's dead. I'm going to vampire off your laptop.
by Stormneedle March 06, 2010
Sexy, beautiful creatures who can seduce anyone into getting their blood sucked by them.
"I come to suck your blood!" |:>
"Sure! Why don't I slip into something a little more comfortable?..." ;)
"...???" /:|
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