A male who preys on women during their menstrual cycle.

Pale one that sucks red blood, clotted fluid from womens
Menstruating vaginal region

To suck blood from, to extract by, the inhaling of or to consume menstrual secreation
I heard Jimmy turned into a vampire this weekend
by MrBlur January 13, 2011
There are two types of Vampires, known to mankind.

1. Anorexic men that glitter in the sunlight. They are perfect in every way imaginable. These vampires aren't real, and can only be seen in badfics. See also: Gary Stu, and/or Mary Sue.

2. Creatures of the night, that feed on human blood. If sunlight touches their skin, they will explode into a poof of dust! They usually have 'Widow's Peak' hairlines, with black hair, and very pale skin. Their wardrobe consists of very expensive looking clothes, and a devilishly good cape. These vampires can usually be heard in the castles of Transylvania, playing their large, and dusty pipe organs.
1. Edward Cullen is one of them new fangled Vampire things...

2. The most famous vampire ever, was Dracula! It is still debatable whether or not he existed!
by The_Exuberant_Face August 16, 2010
Vampires have been a popular ledgen for centuries. They immortal beings that drink blood to survie. I am going to give you my personal impion since there are many definetions for mystical creatures such as vampires. They do not burn if they go out in the sun nor do they sparkel. They are pale and very beautiful. They have inhumane streanth, speed and other hightened senses. You kill not kill a vampire buy a wooden stake nor tearing them to shreds. A good decapitaion will do but perfoming it will be the trickey part. They have souls but dont care if theykill a humane since they are on the top of the foood chain. A wolf wouldnt mind killing a rabbit so it could survie which is the same thing when it comes to vampires killing humanes. They are predetores and fierce killers but can show emotions and can fell regret and pain but wouldnt feel that towards the humane unless they let there selves get close to them. You dont minf killing a chinken unles youare a vegeterain but if you got to know the chinken and it became your pet and you name it aswell. Then you have chiken for dinner and you relize you are eating Bob. It is the same thing. Vampires havediffrent personalities and abilites. To become a vampire a vampire drinks your blood and you drink thier blood as well.
An immortal vampire that drinks blood.
yeah thats all I got
by ilostmymarbels February 16, 2009
Powerful nonhuman that can compel you and drink your blood.

They can NOT sparkle in the sun, they burn. Don't trespass one because they will drink your blood and kill you. You can not run from them because they will chase you. They can be good or bad, drink animal or human blood with there fangs, sometimes you will meet a vampire without knowing.

They do exist, the only way to kill them is too burn in the sun or stick a stake into their hearts.

I'm a expert researcher, i have been tracking these down for 21 years. I've met some too. Don't cross them or me.
The vampires will kill you
by Don't.cross.me January 04, 2015
1. A being that exists in FICTION. Usually nocturnal, most of the vampires created by literature in the twentieth centuries are rather BAMF, and a select few 21st century vampires carry the BAMF gene. If it sparkles, it's Emma Frost, you Twilight fancreeps.
2.There is a subculture made up of those who believe that they are actually vampires. Think of that what you will.
1. Dracula is the king of all vampires, and Edward Cullen is the illegitimate child of Emma frost and a mildew spore.

2. Julia is now calling herself Hekate and drinking 'blood'. She insists that she is a vampire.
by SilawenGreenleaf July 02, 2011
Possibly the coolest thing ever. Not those faggy twilight vampires, I'm talking about fucking badass ones that suck blood, not cocks. Which is weird, because vampires are so fucking awesome, that its okay for men to go gay for them. Evidently, the people who kill vampires are just as cool. Just look at the Belmonts from Castlevania.

When pirates and ninjas face off, vampires win.
Vampires don't need a fucking example.
by 73H L337 H4X0R!!1 October 03, 2010
v: The act drinking something too fast for your mouth to swallow, causing it to spill out the corners of your mouth and down your chin, thus making you look like a vampire.
person a: *takes a big gulp of his drink and it dribbles down his chin*
person b: "You just vampired your drink! What a party foul!"
by Gect July 01, 2010

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