v: The act drinking something too fast for your mouth to swallow, causing it to spill out the corners of your mouth and down your chin, thus making you look like a vampire.
person a: *takes a big gulp of his drink and it dribbles down his chin*
person b: "You just vampired your drink! What a party foul!"
by Gect July 01, 2010
A heart-throb romantic, who sucks blood, is great in bed, and can turn you for a life of eternity. Will burn in the sun (DOES NOT SPARKLE!!) so is a nocturnal being.
mortal: Oooo babe you are so good in bed!

vampire: Its because im a vampire.
by sexyslashlover1 September 26, 2009
Powerful nonhuman that can compel you and drink your blood.

They can NOT sparkle in the sun, they burn. Don't trespass one because they will drink your blood and kill you. You can not run from them because they will chase you. They can be good or bad, drink animal or human blood with there fangs, sometimes you will meet a vampire without knowing.

They do exist, the only way to kill them is too burn in the sun or stick a stake into their hearts.

I'm a expert researcher, i have been tracking these down for 21 years. I've met some too. Don't cross them or me.
The vampires will kill you
by Don't.cross.me January 04, 2015
Life Size Maxi Pads
"Man you see the new twilight Vampire Movie?"

"No there just a bunch of life size maxi pads"
by mrsmileysentme February 28, 2012
An ugly bitch who has no friends and is pale and socially awkward
-Twilight ; hey i want to be a vampire = Carobella perhaps?
-Hey whos that vampire following us around?

-You're as socially awkward as a vampire !
by FB-GM October 23, 2010
A vampire is a demon that consumes blood. Vampires appear to be pale skinned and have dark hair. Some versions of vampires have fangs. They are told to be killed/paralyzed by stakes, can not cross large amounts of water, and must be invited in to come into a house. Many stories and movies have been inspired by vampires such as Dracula, Hellsing, Twilight, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Knight, and Vampire Diaries.
A vampire drinks blood.
by Freya-chan March 31, 2010
1. Any creature that feeds on another's life source or fluids

2. A parasite

3. Vlad the Impaler
1. one ex: of a vampire is a human being that feeds on blood, energy, or sexual fluids

2. ex: an organism that needs another body in order to survive such as a flea

by Sarah M...227 May 27, 2008

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