A human that derives their energy from blood.

Only SENSITIVE to sunlight
Garlic is friendly
Crosses, some sangs are Christians
Stakes, kill anyone
Bats, no
the transformation (You must be born and awakened. Awakening means, coming to the realisation that you are a Sanguinarian.)

What the legends got sorta correct:
Increased strength (can beat pretty much anyone in an arm wrestle)
Better sight ( They were caught reading in dim or no light.)
Better hearing (can hear the whine of the lights and/or the buzz of the TV without straining to listen)
Better smell
limited precognition
Drink blood (using either blood from packaged meat or from a willing donor. Only taking a tablespoon amount)
Nocturnal (daymare for teens awakening because of school running during only the day time. Most are seen resting their head on the desk, when the teach isn't looking)
Above average intelligence (controlling the bloodthirst is considered to be harder than starvation and/or giving up cocaine. It takes a level of brain activity to outsmart it each time)
Cold skin
Slow heartbeat

Things you may not know they suffer from:
Hot/cold flashes
Blurred eyes
Stomach pain
Higher risk of allergies
Blood dreams

The lingo:
Twoof - strongest blood urge (if your sang says she's gonna twoof or she is, get yourself out)
Mundane - someone not currently suffering from the sanguine condition
Black swan - donor
A vampire is really a Sanguinarian.
by bluebirdbloodbird May 04, 2015
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A badass, classic monster. It resembles a human, except for it's long, sharp fangs, and unusually pale skin. It lives on blood, sucking it from it's victims by biting them, usually on the neck. Similar to a zombie, the victim either dies, or turns into a vampire.

A vampire sleeps in a coffin during the day, as it will burn in the daylight. It is also often associated with bats.

Not to be confused with a sparkling little fucking FAIRY that stalks girls in high school 1/8 their age.

Boy: Please die..

This is an example of how the Vampire has been tainted forever.
by Name removed by the NSA December 13, 2013
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In addition to the others listed,
1. Any government agency that "sucks the life" from the working class.

2. Any employer who expects your lifesblood for a miserly paycheck.
1. This April the vampires are going to take the little I had left from my pay!

2. That vampire expects me to put in another five hours this week without comp time!
by Kathleen Pfeiffer April 02, 2006
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Immortal, soulless demon forced to drink blood to stay alive. They have long canines with which they can puncture a human neck to extract blood.

Demonic creatures who live off the blood of humans; a vampire appears to be a normal person until the feed is upon them -- only then do they reveal their true demonic visage.
A vampire. V^^V
by H3r3tic VaMpIrE January 22, 2004
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It all started witch Vlad Tepes(Vlad Dracul) who made up strict laws,punished with impaling,if ever broken.The merchants and outsiders that used to trade within Transylvania,the transylvanian saxons especially,made up stories while not being at home,about how cruel the current leader is,naming him Dracula,meaning more or less Dragon.His father earned the title Dracul for bravery,and recieved an amulet depicting a snake biting his tail in a circle.Transylvania(currently in Romania;))was a pretty exotic place for western europeans,so Bram Stoker used these rumors to create a story witch remains even now famous to the extreme.Sadly people these days are trying to create an alternative image regarding vampires...witch results in an epic FAIL!
twilight fan-listen dude you just goota check this vampire shit out!
original dracula fan-sorry dude.while your gay twilight actors are being manipulated to brainwash teenagers from alover the world,bela lugosi is actually as we speak drinking the blood of hundreds of people to sustain his everlasting lifeforce,and ruling the world behind the shadow....ok i'm just joking.
twilight fan-omg you're like so right...i'm gonna go burn all my twilight collectibles now,bye.
by DeadHashbrother August 27, 2010
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Vampires are real, unlike ghosts, fairies and werewolves, who clearly cannot exist under the laws of physics.

Vampires are as real as the chair you're sitting in. They do not sleep in coffins during the day, because as they are members of the human race, they are not nocturnal and the sun does not kill them. Often times, however, vampires are sensitive to the sun. They have to squint quite a bit unless they have sunglasses, and they may get sunburned much faster than other humans due to their pale complexions.

The vampires do not all necessarily drink blood, and none need blood to survive. The ones who do drink the red liquid probably only drink small amounts given to them by their lover. In that case the blood is seen as a binding gift that lovers exchange as a promise to one another.

There are some vampires that do drink the blood of small animals frequently, but those people are truly deranged and are at risk of getting rabies and other nasty diseases, so I wouldn't emulate them if I were you.

Psychic vampires are the most common, however about 50% of psychic vampires do not even realize that they are sucking the life out of everyone around them. They are so used to being negative or taking their feelings out on others that they cannot comprehend the negative effects their tirades may have on those around them. Some psychic vampires, however, take from their victims intentionally. They get a sense of happiness and well being when they make others around them feel worse. Perhaps you know someone like that? There are many of those types creeping around.

The majority of vampires tend to be romantic and sensitive, but of course there are exceptions as always. Many are artists, musicians, writers; or "right-brained" thinkers. Real vampires tend to enjoy all forms of literature and media that deal with fictional vampires, because they are reading about their own kind. Even though some ideas in books and movies are a little far-fetched, vampires give the artists/writers a bit of slack because stories do have to be entertaining, after all.

Vampires can be somewhat 'Goth' or 'punk'; basically they are not very preppy, as preppy people are usually too happy, tan, logical or "left-brained" to be bothered by things of the underground. Vamps are not always depressed as some people may think, however it is true that they are not afraid to let their emotional side shine through and have a good cry every now and then, or every day if that suits their fancy (I myself am one to cry quite a bit, yet anyone would argue that I am a very happy, upbeat person).

If you truly believe you are a vampire, you should seek help at the 1-800-IAM-VAMP 24 hour hotline, where a qualified vampire counselor will be on hand to help you cope with your newfound identity.

I'm only kidding.
But you will know what you are when the time comes. Being a vampire is nothing to be ashamed of, so embrace it if you are one, and accept the vampires for what they are if you find yourself utterly normal.

Good day, ladies and gents.
I am a vampire, so you'd better believe it.
by Lady Tremaine July 10, 2008
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Anyone tall, with big lips who doesn't comb his hair. One who always has dark circles under his eyes.
"Joe is a vampire." Said Marlyse to Kaitlin.
by roflvampire December 22, 2006
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