Started by Dracula. Raped by Twilight. Thanks Stephanie Meyer. Bitch.
random guy-Dude vampires are the shit!

Random twilight bitch- Oh em jeee!! yuo shuuld reed twilitez

random guy- i shouldn't

random twilight bitch- *starts crying*
by Listen to SLAYER!! October 28, 2009
NOT EDWARD...more like Dracula, Louie, or Lestat.
They don't sparkle, and the usually dont fall in love with ugly homey looking teenagers.

They are protayed in movies to drink blood, kill, nocturnal creatures, and very old.
REAL EXAMPLE FROM MY SOPHOMORE ENGLISH CLASS:dumb blonde "Dracula,vampire? Oh you mean like twilight"

meh "you dumb cunt, Dracula could destroy bella edward and those dumb werewolves with his pinky in less time then you could say 'twilight sucks', but if you're really that deprived of the world or a brain then yes like twilight."
by Lilith Rose April 30, 2009
A being with need of blood for sustenance and an affliction to the sun.

There are several different kinds of vampires.

Morroi is the most rare. It is when a pregnant woman gets bit and her child lives. Said child is moroii and is self-feeding.

Stragoii would be the example of the mother who was bitten.

Lamia is a long reaching family of vampires where each generation is, in fact vampiric.

Stragoii and Lamia are both stronger than made vampires and moroii. They often have superstrength and some sort of mind connect to other beings.

According to several sources, being made vampire takes up three days and is often extremely painful. The process sometimes only requires being bit once. Other times it the victim must be exchange blood with blood mate once everyday for the period of three days.

The victim often becomes disoriented and slightly maddened during the process.

Vampires are able to lure their prey quite easliy through talents and sometimes a special body secretion that is irresistable to all other living beings.They're prey comes practically willing.

Most vampires live in covens or families.
The Vampires disappeared under the veil of night as quickly as they had appeared.
by Ms. K.G.H August 26, 2008
A friend of mine told me about the Origins of how vampires came from. It started off as that vampires were people with rabies, you know people bit by animals that have rabies. These people with rabies foam their mouth, act animal-like into terms of bite other animals or humans in the neck, sucking blood from two holes created by their fangs. Like to live in darkness because they either developed a pupil or retina capable of nocturnal vision or just like darkness.

They are afraid of light, obviously because it can nearly blind their vision to see, they like to see in darkness or their eyes are not adjust to the sensitivity of light. Some examples are shining metals or objects, mirrors, and sources of light(like the sun). They are afraid of water because they either want to stay dry, hypothermia, or hygiene issues.

Now I don't know how people with rabies can grow fangs that can be of 2 inches or more...The religious things tide into destroying vampires...well, I don't know how that got started but light can kill vampires, I think.

Vampires may originate from people contacted with rabies, not sure if that's the case, but you may prove my information is nonsense or dislike opinion.

The transformation of the bat, I don't know how that came from. Not all vampires are evil.
Vampires from twilight saga are not real vampires.

First of all, vampires don't really have red eyes(you can prove it to me scientifically), they are supposed to morph into bats and become quick killers. Any sources of light seem to not affect them or kill them, they seemed impervious to light. Lastly, I don't know if vampires have powers or not maybe they do.

Vampires are respected and feared, but twilight saga has made them an insult to their kind.
by Fruityogos September 09, 2010
A blood-sucking mythical creature who is NOT a sparkling douchebag in a fucking tree. Vampires are way more badass than that and shouldn't appeal to prepubescent girls who think they're so scene for liking it.
Aww man, that Twilight shit. That's not a vampire. That's what we call a homosexual.
by KKNWNDRLND December 29, 2009
A crazed fangirl who believes that she is, in fact, one of Stephanie Meyer's vampire characters in the most plot-lacking book published in 2006, Twishite. Will often pretend that she has Insomnia and make herself look pale with the use of make-up. Likes to believe that she lives in depression due to issues that have come up in her life. Will do anything to defend Twilight.
Non-fan: Twilight sucks.

Nf: It has no plot.
Fg: Your face has no plot.
Nf: Vampires suck.
Fg: *sets other crazed fangirls on Nf*

No exp. needed.
by Geekseason2 August 30, 2009
A vampire is a human who feeds on blood (more recognisably human blood): they are better known to be drinking blood at night due to their sensitivity to sunlight.

Vampires use many tactics to achieve blood; mostly by luring their prey into the trap (sometimes into bed, other times into a secluded area), then taking that swift bite (usually when they're asleep or weakened).

Becoming a vampire is achieved through the transmission of the saliva from a vampire. This is done via feeding (which is done to the neck most often).

Anyone can become a vampire: a child, a man and a woman: even the elderly - providing the person was not completely drained of blood.
Once the virus has been transmitted, it will take about three days for the virus to take hold (new organs being made, traits and attributes being modified etc.)

Vampires look exactly like a human; just the incisors bring out the change. This works extremely well prior to attacking the victim.

Vampires are portrayed to have weaknesses - the most likely ones are to silver, or to garlic (or garlic extracts). Sunlight should be deemed as a sensitivity due to the number of vampires being able to transcend through the sun.

Dracula is a good example of a traditional vampire; but for more modern vampires; the film series of Blade (Blade 1, 2, and 3) should be reviewed

NB: They are weak to UV light; not dissipated in the definition.
by Demonic-Humanoid August 13, 2008

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