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An untrollable, is quite possibly, the rarest of all trolls! They are created, when a cannibal troll, mates with a regular human. The untrollable's, troll side, is dormant for the most part, only coming out, when the untrollable is being trolled. These trolls go about business, like any other internet person. When threatened by a troll, the untrollable will waste the time of the troll, pretending to be too nice. In reality, the untrollable finds amusement, in the troll's feeble trolling attempts. The regular troll, usually realizes that it's being counter-trolled, and stops. When the untrollable finds that the troll is not there, the untrollable usually feels empty, but returns to his everyday life. The only way to troll an untrollable, is to troll them, then stop suddenly.
Troll: Yiff in hell, furfag!!!
Untrollable: Only if you're there. Johnny's not as big as you are.
Troll: Fuck you.
Untrollable: Murr!
Troll: Fag!
Untrollable: Only for you, m'love!
Troll: Britfag piece of shit.
Untrollable: Yes, my dad was a British anus.
Troll: **realises he's being counter trolled** Fuck this shit.
Untrollable: Okay! *takes fecal matter* UNF!!! UNF!! UNF!!
**no response**
Untrollable: **feels sad**
by The_Exuberant_Face August 18, 2010
A relatively underrated Playstation game that came out around the same time as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and so on. In the game, you run around as a little crocodile dude, trying to save the Gobbos (little fuzzballs) that raised you since you washed up on their island's shore.

It's your basic platformer, with an oversimplified plot.
Jessica: Hey, I heard you had Croc!
Kurt: Yeah! I haven't played that game in ages!
Danielle: Croc?
Kurt: It came out about the time that Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro came out. It's similar to them, only a whole lot simpler.
Jessica: And the graphics are really cute!
Danielle: Alright, let's try this game out...
by The_Exuberant_Face October 06, 2010
To make older, or worse. Usually non-deliberately.
We're gonna go to Lindsay's house, and crustomize her house!
by The_Exuberant_Face September 11, 2010
There are two types of Vampires, known to mankind.

1. Anorexic men that glitter in the sunlight. They are perfect in every way imaginable. These vampires aren't real, and can only be seen in badfics. See also: Gary Stu, and/or Mary Sue.

2. Creatures of the night, that feed on human blood. If sunlight touches their skin, they will explode into a poof of dust! They usually have 'Widow's Peak' hairlines, with black hair, and very pale skin. Their wardrobe consists of very expensive looking clothes, and a devilishly good cape. These vampires can usually be heard in the castles of Transylvania, playing their large, and dusty pipe organs.
1. Edward Cullen is one of them new fangled Vampire things...

2. The most famous vampire ever, was Dracula! It is still debatable whether or not he existed!
by The_Exuberant_Face August 16, 2010
1. A type of, otherkin, that don't want to be labelled furry. Their fursonas may look like werewolves, but watch out! For the otherkin never draw themselves as their human form, therefore making their fursonas, regular fursonas. See also: Dillusional, Fursona, and In Denial

2. Buff guys, that turn into 6' tall wolves. In the transition to their wolf form, they shed all their clothes, yet, when they transition back into their human form, they magically grow them back. It has been said, that this is due to the fact that their genitalia is abnormal, and as an act of sympathy, some wizard enchanted them with the power to grow pants. These werewolves are basically perfect. You will never find one of these in the real world, so if you want to find one, look in some badfics. See also: Gary Stu, and Mary Sue.

3. Lumberjacks that live deep in the forest. They have been bitten by a werewolf, thus carry the disease. They live far away from society, in order to keep from killing every single living being. This method works, only if the werewolf lives somewhere in Canada. Every full moon, the lumberjack undergoes a transformation into a wolf man, bent on making a good meal out of innocent civilians. This only lasts the night, and in the morning, the lumberjack usually wakes up naked, surrounded by blood. The only way to kill a werewolf, is to shoot it with a silver bullet. See also: Badassery, Lumberjack, Canada, and Freaky Shit!
1. Furry: Oh hai! It's good to see another furry around!
Otherkin: I'm not a furry, god damnit! I'm a werewolf!
Furry: Then where's your human form?
Otherkin: ... ... I can't draw humans?

2. Jacob Black, is one of them new fangled werewolves...

3. If you're ever walking through, the Canadian woods, on the day of a full moon, and you see a lumberjack... run to the nearest city, and buy a revolver, with silver bullets.
by The_Exuberant_Face August 16, 2010
Canadian Patriotism is a special type of Patriotism that focuses solely on two things:

1. Being Not-Americans. (Being Not-British was also once a part of being Canadian, but has since faded over the decades)
Not-Americans are generally chauvinistic towards Americans, and will explicitly show its people of Not-Americans how stupid Americans are.
In reverse, Not-Americans will show their hypocrisy by attacking any American that bashes Not-America. They will call Americans patriotic whores, among other racial slurs. They will then hide behind their wall of stereotyped innocence.

2. Blowing every one of Canada's accomplishments out of proportion.
That includes: everything that the British army did before Canada was autonomous, every invention made by someone of another country residing in Canada at the time, and every celebrity that was born in Canada, but resides in America. (See Joshua Jackson.)
Common subjects are as follows:
- "Canadians" (British) burned the White House down in 1812.
- The fact that Canadian beer has a higher alcohol percentage than American.
- One of the largest freestanding structures.
- Record for most gold medals at home.
- Every game that Canada invented that America hijacked and made better.
- Canada's the second largest landmass.

In addition to those two, Canadian Patriotism means consciously believing in the diverse country that is Canada, and partaking in the extremely satirical Canadian humour.
"Canadian Patriotism" is clear when looking at the comments on Canadian songs on Youtube. The highest rated comments are usually the most chauvinist and hypocritical.
by The_Exuberant_Face January 30, 2011
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