Next to the gun, mans best friend in terms of weaponry. It is basically a bladed instrument whose primary funtion is to be used as an offensive weapon. Many cultures produced unique swords. Sword production goes back thousands of years when man first learned to manipulate metals and inproved greatly throughout time. Japanse focused sword creation on impressive katanas with notorious slicing properties. Middle Eastern swords aka scimitars had curved blades for quick strikes and fast combat. Swords from ancient Medderterainia were short and used more for stabbing opponents. Europeans created long heavy swords for brutally smashing, hacking and cleaving enemies.
damn that swords scary
by ohwefoh September 25, 2006
a sharp pointy, and often deadly object if in the wrong hands
Those who live by the sword,
are shot by those who don't
by confusingly confusing September 07, 2007
Term used as a substitute for peace. In the New Testament of The Bible, Jesus says that He is here not to bring peace to the world, but a sword. The same should be for SPFC's and Christians.
Man: "I'll see you later. Peace!"

SPFC/Christian: "Sword."

Man: "What did you say?"

SPFC/Christian: "I said sword. It is a term used as a substitute for peace. Therefore, I return your greeting to you in this form"

Man: "Oh. Okay then. Good Bye."

SPFC/Christian: "God Bless."

Instead of saying: "May peace be on to you", you can say "May you wield your sword" or "May you carry your cross".
by Gods_Warrior October 09, 2010
a long sharp object used to injure or kill can also be shoved up someone's ass.
noo!!what are you going to do with that sword??!!no no! dont shove it...(shove)ahhhhhhhhhh my ass!!you mother BEEP!
by tenles July 01, 2009
1. A long blade attached to a hilt on which the wielder holds on to while striking at enemies with the blade, inflicting severe slash wounds.

2. The cliche weapon of the main character in several video games, used more often rather than a spear, scythe, dagger, staff, or axe.
1. The sword was mostly used during medieval times by knights

2. Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Drakengard, Guilty Gear, and much more
by SomeBadJoke August 22, 2006
A piece of sharpened metal. It comes in many different styles, ranging from the curve-bladed katana to the Medieval longsword to the fencing epee, foil, and sabre used in the modern sport. The blade can we sharp on the tip, one side, both sides, or even completely dull. A handle is preferrable, but some sword fighters prefer to cut their own hands off when sword fighting, and thus often find themselves falling to pieces in a fight.
I swung my sword at my opponents chest, hoping to slice him in half.
by The Kestrel January 06, 2005
(v) To stab, wound, eviscerate, gore, impale, and so on with the military armament of the same name.
Alex was sworded by an irate bus driver.
by Bubba December 15, 2004
any type of usb flash drive
The Sword of a Thousand Truths

South Park episode 1008
make love not war
by pikapipikachu June 03, 2007

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