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Seeing your mother naked
WARNING! By trying this out you may have the following side effects:

1. Heart attack
2. Tramatized
3. Burning eyes
by Gio>.< April 30, 2005
602 164

If you're "scary" you're scared.

"Why you so scary for?" means Why you so scared for?
"Stop acting so scary." means Stop acting so scared.

When Phat Rat called G-Unit "scary ass niggas" he wasn't saying that G-Unit frightens him..
He was saying that THEY are scared of BWS and fear them.
(BWS meaning Black Wall Street)

"Scary ass niggas" - Phat Rat on G-Unit
by YounGotti February 07, 2007
317 142
Bringing a feeling of unease and terror
"That movie was definitely scary.
by Musicmaker May 02, 2004
192 80
Actin Scared. Being a pussy. Acting like a punk or baby.
Stop actin scary and beat that bitch ass.
by Reesy April 03, 2006
197 124
something that makes u shit urself.
that was fucking scary, i shit myself
by Yoda April 28, 2003
90 74
extremely; very, very
He's a scary good cook.
by Faiella November 12, 2007
75 63
the way somebody acts
" damn nigga, why you acting scary? go talk to that gurl!"
by lil habesha August 03, 2003
67 64