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What white kids in the 50's called "dating"
Johnny gave me his pin at the dance ... now I know we're going steady!
by Misfit February 17, 2004
To be consistantly drunk for more then 48 hours and lack control.
Man, that dude is pulling a jimmiejaz.
by misfit December 07, 2003
What Anna Nicole said to her husband.
"I like you for who you are, sugar."
"Now sign right here..."
by misfit June 01, 2004
Right a Grunger is some-one is diffrent and dont follow the crowd and dont give a crap what any1 thinks about how they look or what they do.Grungers are some of the best ppl in the world.
Pickeys are all assholes My whole school is full of em and slappers.
That girl is a Grunger
by MISFIT September 26, 2003
To slap one with a hand that is covered in
Dammit, who had the bright fucking idea of mop slapping me?
by Misfit August 23, 2004
Drinking the urine of an inmate following his or her intoxication by other prison "moon-shines".
Hey mang, wanna get loaded, I got some prison beer!
by Misfit December 18, 2003
Verb - to be impaled by a sword.
Originally coined by StrongBad, character featured on homestarrunner.com, in the game "Trogdor the Burninator"
ex: "Trogdor the Burninator was sworded mightily by a knight in shining armor."
by Misfit September 13, 2003
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