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An expression used when someone does something typical for them to do. Usually used in disappointment (in the person, in the situation, and/or in themselves for not predicting it would happen).
"Did you do my laundry like I asked?"
"Oh, I forgot."
by erhard September 09, 2006
Used to describe irony, or a situation when one feels nothing else could go wrong.
(when a tire goes flat after visiting the tire dealer) Fuckin' figures!
by A. A. Ron February 25, 2005
1) n. A number, usually used in association with some required data
2) n. Data in the form of a number (see example for disambiguation)
3) v. Agrees, or tallies with something expected
4) n. The body of a hot and sexy female.
5) v. Something you need to work out
1) there are 1 fucking billion people in India.
2) I've got the figures, there are 1 fucking billion people in India
3) there are 1 fucking billion eople in India. that figures, I always knew they were horny bastards.
4) There is not a single fuckable figure in India.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005