A sharp cutting, stabbing, or cutting and stabbing weapon used in warfare since ancient times. Usually consists of a hilt and a blade.
Katanas, or Japanese long swords, when properly made, were able to cut through the necks of three convicts or slaves in one strike.
by Aragorn Elfstone October 20, 2004
A game played in the bathroom or locker room in either a toliet or shower, usually consisting of two guys or more. The object of this game is to fight to the death with streams of piss while also fending off other attacks. Usually death is uncommon as well as defensive moves.
Hey Joe, let's go play swords!

While playing swords, Joe pissed all over my pants. But I got him in the face.
by that one motherfucker October 18, 2004
An object used to acquire females, often brought to parties.
I've slayed about 7 bitches tonight with my sword, bro.
by Ghostkilla July 23, 2013
A deadly weapon... also the last name to someone who has a huge one.
Dude, that Sword kid, i hear he has a HUGE one.
by bocaj drows January 07, 2011
a contraction of "that's word" and "it's word," hence s'word
man i'm runnin mad game on this one fine chick cross the street, shits in the bag!

o s'word?!
by Mark S. aka ghost July 10, 2008
1: (noun) A long, knife-like weapon designed to cut, slash, stab and thrust

2: (verb) To be attacked with a sword

3: (noun) A dick
1: Getting hit by a sword doesn't feel good.

2: James just got sworded. He's not getting up from that one.

3: Larry stuck his sword in Jessie's pussy.
by zombieman132 January 05, 2014
SWORD: Second Wife OR Daughter

A woman seen with a man: she is either his second wife or his daughter. It is very difficult if not impossible, to tell.

A young girl with an older guy. Could be his daughter or just some chick he is fucking.

In the alternative definition, the requirement that the couple be actually married is forgiven.
Frank: "Dude, that guy's daughter is smokin hot! Check that shit out!"

Steve: "Dude, I think he was rubbing her leg. She's a SWORD."
by Truckaholic May 28, 2010

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