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A beautiful charming lady who embodies elegance. A Greek to boot she will look after you and feed you cake.
"Pavlina to Franaiki Mou, "would you like some cake?"

"Pavlina is a lady and will not laugh at your dirty jokes (heeeheeeheeehee)"
by Barrabajagal February 04, 2010
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A deeply insulting, derogatory term for a woman; embodies all that is sterotypically negative about womanhood.

A sexually promiscuous woman who uses men ruthlessly for sex, money and power, will shamelessly exploit her femininity and offer outlandish sexual favours for gain.

An alternative more recent slang form equivalent of a "Pavlina" is "Pavshag".

The term is said to be Czech; originating specifically in relation to a particular type of Prague female.
"She's a right Pavlina"

"I hate her - Pavshag bitch screwed my husband"

"Dopey bastard got Pavshagged" (to indicate a man who was foolish enough to fall victim)
by SBN! November 16, 2010

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