See Bufty
See Bufty
by Dirty Den October 13, 2003
Most people that drive Nissan Micras, invariably the male numpty wears a hat and fondly recalls bumbling along in his old Allegro.
Woah watch out for that numpty
by Toffer September 02, 2003
Anything or anybody who is so xxxxing stupid as to pxxx off. A word that can be substitued for less politically correct words often found offensive by the fairer sex
You xxxxing numpty
by neil June 05, 2003
an eejit, a complete lourdes
Clare Young from Portaferry
by Roisin November 05, 2002
Someone who is as numb as the day is long. When said person makes a stupid error no one else would ever do, or admit to anyway.
"You Numpty" you've just run over the cat!. The shear numptyness of the man was unbelievable.
by jill harrison November 02, 2006
complete idiot whose iq ranges from 0-1
brian mcfadden (aka tubby) is a numpty
by November 23, 2005
When ones balls and dick stick to the side of there leg, usually after sitting for long periods of time
After math claas i had the biggest numpty
by Fernley November 22, 2005
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