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The Grog is a magical concoction of what can only be described as a 'strong alcoholic substance' that when produced, is a statement to raise the level of the event in question to a point of epic proportions.

Once 'Grogged', the drinker soon becomes unable to tell if one is coming or going, resulting in either (or sometimes all) of the following:
- life and soul of the party
- the loss of feeling in all limbs
- an extreme want to sleep
- vomiting
- extreme cases of 'Jumperexia'

After cases of 'Grogged' behaviour, one is not expected to return to normal for days, even weeks.
"Get the Grog!"
"Get grogged!"
"Grog it up!"
"Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Grogged!"
"You've got the Grog I need to see me through!"
by grog July 27, 2012
Beginning to become widely used. Meaning Please, ok thanks just kidding or am I?
Person 1: Ok, I'll shut up now.
Person 2: plzkthxj/korami
by Grog May 01, 2005
A twat from Corby
a right Numpt
by Grog November 02, 2003
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