A word referring to two or more American's travelling outside of their home country.
Step aside guys, there is a Knob of American's trying to push past again.
by wiibloke September 14, 2010
To engage in sexual intercourse with; to fuck.
I knobbed your mum last night.
"KNOB" - Vesitile, Means good, bad, or anything
(WHEN SOMETHING/SOMEONE GOES WRONG,BAD,OR DUMB) - "Thats Knobbed out man!! or "Your Knobbed out!")

(WHEN SOMETHING GOES GOOD)- "Thats kill knobb!!"

by Tyler Wentworth March 25, 2008
A well established term in the rocketry hobby which refers to a person who realizes hobby rocketry is just that, a hobby. A knob isn't planning on going to the moon anytime soon, and has no trouble playing with toy rockets. A knob doesn't mind rocket motors that are less then 100% effecient, as long as they have some sort of cool visual effect.
Wow, that guy that flew the green flame motor is a real knob!
by The Origninal Knob™ May 09, 2007
A fourth year (freshman) Cadet at the prestigious military institute of South Carolina. Called "knob" because of their shaved head which resebles a door knob.
Knobs receive the most shit out of any cadet at any military school.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 03, 2005
A unit of measurement of bactericidal/alcohol iso wipes (typically several clumped together)
1. Oh no! i just wanted one iso wipe, but i accidently pulled out a knob of iso wipes

2. Hey can you please pass me a knob of iso wipes?
by Pierre Montgomery January 28, 2009
A slut. Everyone uses the knob on a door, just like everyone uses a slut; thus, sluts=knobs
That knob's pussy was so loose i couldnt get my dick up.
by your-just-jealous July 14, 2008

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