1. a stupid or foolish person
2. a greeting
1. "He crashed into a parked semi-trailer? What a knob."
2. (walks into a room) "Knob." (other guy nods) "Knob."
by Smith (you know) September 11, 2005
The penis. Hence, "to gobble the knob" (to perform oral sex on a male).
Dude, zip your pants back up, your knob is hanging out!
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
A public school name for the art of writing the word Knob on a piece of school property or somebodies prep without them noticing, knobbing has been known to occur at Magdalen College School for boys and at Eton.
Jimmy Knobbed Mr. Nolls Pot Plants.
by Jonny Church March 10, 2003
Similar to the word newb, or newbie. Used in online chats, specifically gaming chat rooms.
Hey, that guy was a total knob.
by Tim Hansen November 27, 2003

some one with little experience
you r such a knob you should die
by tehkoko May 29, 2005
A term of endearment to one who posesses a head/haircut which resembles the top of the male reproductive organ.
Alright Knob, what's up!
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
Someone requiring complete custodial care.
"You're such a knob!!"
by Billy February 04, 2005
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