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1) a penis (of any size)

2) to describe penii (pl)
Would you like to slob on my knob bitch!
by Phil Hanson January 13, 2005
A very small male penis
Boy, you got a knob, you need to take some Viagra or you ain't gettin layed
by wealoe September 15, 2009
The knob. A place in Hamilton, Ohio close to five points.

Knob is an acronym for Keep Niggers Off Block


Kill Niggers On Block
Fucking NIGGER, gett of the knob!
by Jerry_is_THE_BEST January 31, 2008
1. A penis that is constantly erect.
2. A person who resembles a penis in physical appearance and/or behaviour.
You'll take out someone's eye with your knob sticking out like that.
by Samantha Fox December 16, 2007
A reference used by the supporters of Crystal Palace FC to describe another set of South London supporters, the Charlton fan.

For years, the Charlton supporter (or Clown as they are commonly known) has tried to bait and bully their way into a rivalry with their neighbour (who already have a deep and ancient rivalry with Millwall FC and Brighton & Hove Albion FC) but the worst insult anybody could think of on the Crystal Palace side was 'knob' as the Palace supporter really cant bring themselves to hate them.
Look at that Clown knob trying to pick a fight with that caravan salesman.
by Jay Simon September 18, 2007
for a male to recive oral sex from a women
im tryin to cop some knob tonight
by the real knob August 30, 2005
1. a stupid or foolish person
2. a greeting
1. "He crashed into a parked semi-trailer? What a knob."
2. (walks into a room) "Knob." (other guy nods) "Knob."
by Smith (you know) September 11, 2005