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Another name for the tip of a males penis. Also known as the Head, Helmet, Mushroom.
Yeah thats right, suck my knob! ooo baby u like that shit dont ya?
by nednerb September 05, 2005
1) A tool; a pawn of the system.
2) One who uses slangs as if they've heard them before.
"Those protesters are such a bunch of knobs!"

"Stop trying to act cool, ya knob!"
by George D'range June 13, 2008
a new slang word meaning blow job or head.

to get knobs , equivalent to - to get head
to get a knob, like to get a blow job.
Matt "hey can i get knobs?"
Sarah "yeah ill suck your dick"
by sex_goddess011 April 04, 2011
A word referring to two or more American's travelling outside of their home country.
Step aside guys, there is a Knob of American's trying to push past again.
by wiibloke September 14, 2010
For one to be so ridiculously stupid that simple tasks are their undoing.
Gemma is extremely sun burnt... on her front.. not her back.. She looks like a KNOB!
by krazyface1985 June 02, 2009
An ignorant person who believes any damn thing they hear.

Especially if it contradicts Logic and Reason.

The stupider the better for Knobs.

Sheela: How can I turn myself into a Mermaid?

Me: You are a Knob. There is no such thing as Mermaids.

Sheela: I am going to report you to Yahoo Answers because you made me a sad Knob-Ho.
by Knob Killer August 10, 2008
n. 1.) Attached to a door as a handle.
2.) Reference to a guy's dick.
3.) Word that can be used in the name of a town.
4.) Alternate word for "knot" in reference to a bump on the head.
1.) I turned the doorknob to find her naked.
2.) She schlobbed on his dick all day.
3.) Let's head over to the store in Gobbler's Knob.
4.) He had a knob on his head after I hit him with a hammer.
by Survivor Fan December 01, 2004