A person whose opinion of themself is decidely higher than actuality.
"See the frat boy over there? Total knob."
by zosiablue February 19, 2004
a dick, wang, or another such name for "penis"
Your knob is looking like ground chuck after that 24-hour marathon.
by bm February 17, 2004
Definition for a complete tosser
You're a fucking knob!
by Have one guess December 04, 2002
1; someone who is a complete and utter pillock. Is far from a likeable character and has an IQ drowned so much in negativity that they can't possibly realise how much of a belching vagina they are. What a knob

2; a projecting part, usually round, forming the handle of a door. Symbollock of a swollen testicle. From the latin <i> swoolen testicle a knobi</i>

3;Now this one is a bit naughty kiddies. Is also a slang term commonly used to refer to the male genetalia.
Translation; "what a fucking knob" : "what a fucking male genital" (the male 'package' consitsing of a scrotum and a penis)
by Christostorous III October 04, 2006
The circumsized end of a penis.
Hey Billy, let me gobble on that pink knob for awhile. I'll give it a real nice sheen. I know how much you like it! It is so sensitive.
by knobgobbler69 May 23, 2008
n.: A delectably crude term for the circumcised human male penis, esp. if the head is wide in diameter

vt.: To penetrate coarsely during sex, esp. with mostly the head of the penis, rather than inserting the entire shaft
"Knob" as a noun: Nude and kneeling before his knob, she made him horny for a blowjob.

"Knob" as a transitive verb: 1) Insecure about his short shaft but proud of his wide cockhead, he knobs his lover's pussy in order to accentuate the positive. 2) Mr. Doe couldn't stop fantasizing while making love with his wife that for once he'd like to knob her hole like the stud he really is.
by V. Cummings August 01, 2006
The incorrect way of writing the word "Nob" There is no K when you say it so why waste your time writing it... meaning:
- Penis
- Word used to describe an idiot
- Word used to describe getting jiggy with it (Will Smith style)
Gemma is such a Knob doesn't she realise it would be easier just to spell it Nob!
by PaulFdly November 11, 2010
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