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A complete moron (see tool)
Dude - you're such a fucking nob!
by Hepcat January 24, 2003
1. Person who can not do anything right (see Fuckup) 2. Masterbator (see Jerkoff)
1. Get it together you cockknocker! 2. I don't like Bob, he's a real cockknocker.
by Hepcat January 24, 2003
a woman who performs oral sex on another woman. See carpet muncher
Any chick who listens to the Indigo Girls is a serious rug chewer
by Hepcat January 24, 2003
1. A polite way of saying "Dumbass" 2. A term of endearment that is depreciative but in a nice way.
1. "Get out of the fastlane, bucklenut!" 2. "C'mon, bucklenut, it's time to go to bed."
by Hepcat December 21, 2004
A scandinavian singer with some success in central europe in the 70ies
by hepcat March 26, 2003

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