Good, awesome, cute, etc.

Similar to sick.
Dude did you see that catch? It was gross!
by batt3ry June 20, 2011
Twelve dozen.
"The square root of 'gross' is 'dozen', said Mr Dovetonsils cleverly.
by nilpferd August 10, 2003
Another word for disgusting, vomit inducing etc.
Bob: What's grosser than gross?
Tom: What is grosser than gross?
Bob: When your eating a hotdog and it has veins in it.
You sit on your grandads lab and he has a boner.
You throw your undies at the wall, they stick.
by headshotdealer November 04, 2006
-ugly, but can not only refer to a persons looks but also to an action
jeez she is mad gross

that shot was gross
by Alex Wildman May 02, 2003
That which is beyond tasteless.
What happened to all the gross definitions in the Urban Dictionary? They were pretty funny. I miss onion ring. Even if I needed mental floss after reading it.
by Witchie-coo March 20, 2003
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