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the upper portion on one's leg; the part of the leg between the knee and the cooch.

the word is thighs.
nice thighs.
lets get back to my house and spread the word!
by joSe333 February 19, 2007
A portion of the body between the knees and crotch that has an unnatural affinity for cellulite.
Is that a pillowcase full of gravel?
No, those are just my thighs.
by LeonaConner August 05, 2008
Muscular Upperville part of the body. Mostly used for sexual intercourse or people with thigh fetishes like me.
" Young Link's thighs are hot!"
by ThighGoddess69 June 12, 2015
located below the pelvis and above the knee, the most attractive part of the body ranking #1 favorite body part in India and # 2 in canada. Dr vernon has one Thigh, because he wears socks with sandals. It can also be used to refer to THE THIGHMASTER

"What the Thigh David Blaine?"
by vmcm June 14, 2008
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