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ideal;not so bad;not stupid
Hey man, did you see that guy who scored a fifty for his team?

Yes, that was impressive.
by HelloWorldUD March 18, 2013
I'm the shittest in clan #teamxe, idle it in irc @ ETG
i just don't know what im doing
i am Danstar.
I finger asshole
by Hoodwinks July 17, 2003
matt + vince = mattince

umm he said it *points at xe* :O
by Lindzi February 14, 2004
I Wiff and wiff and wiff all day long, i love the SMELL of my hands and feet, especiall my FEET OH BOAH GOD
CURLS both fingers up and takes a huge wiff of the crud in the finger nail and the toejam in the toes.
by Dragon aka Daniel aka Running Race February 09, 2005