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The sexiest part of the female body.
I saw Cynthia's belly and I was so turned on.
by Balthier March 31, 2008
A place on a woman to deposit your load.
I pulled my cock out and shot it on her belly.
by Little Johnny June 16, 2004
Deep Sex, when a man puts his penis so far into a womans vagina it hits her belly.
Ahh I put it up in Tina's Belly last night
by red March 25, 2005
A game where you poke someone in the belly and say "belly", it does not mean that person is fat.
created by a girl in omaha nebraska
"Hey! what was that for?"
by urgg May 11, 2011
Short for belly up. Originally from fisherman in the northwest. Denotes a dead fish, which float belly-up. Shortened to "belly" due to familiarity of the term. Refers to fishing conditions or condition of the boat or even the captain and crew.
How's business been this year? Response: Belly. If things don't turn around around soon, I'll be in a food line.

Rex, was really drunk last night. How is is he doing today?
He's been throwing up all day. He's belly.
by rob2234 February 20, 2010
Nickname for a fat guy.
What you fill up when eating or drinking.
What you get if overeating.
A belly full of beer.

"Dad, is it that you have a big belly or very tight trousers?"
by Lund January 19, 2005
1. Stomach

2. Rebellious
I tried to discipline the child, but she kept acting belly.
by Curtis Meyer March 21, 2008