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A girls name, usually associated with a fairly small cute but hot girl. Is unique in her clothing style and is brilliant at the things she loves best whatever that may be. Loved by her friends and envied by her enemies.
Guy1: Man that Hayley girl is cute
Guy2: I know, how hot does she wanna make herself?
by EightIsAlotOfLegs August 17, 2006
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a girl with a great personality , pretty ,, abit on the crazy side ,, but a girl we all love
Hey, whats your new gf called
Chloe,, but i wish she was a hayley
by jamiie1234 August 25, 2008
a girl who is loved by everyone. a very hot girl that all guys would love to fuck. and would envy any guys with her. a nice ass and alright boobs. she's got a pretty banging body. and beautiful eyes that anyone could stare into.the most beautiful thing you could ever see. get at a hayley. and you'll know what i mean ;)
john:who is that?
nick:thats hayley
john:damn lettme get some of that!
by alllllllllleeeeeeeexxxxx March 16, 2009
The best friend ever:)) She's really beautiful but refuses to believe it when people tell her. Very funny and sarcastic, so people who don't know her very well can sometimes see her as really mean, though she's really not. Too hard on herself sometimes. All the guys love her but she can't really see it hahaha :P Hates drama, but it always follows her anyways.
Random Guy: Dude Hayley you're so hot.

Hayley: Yeah, ok. If I'm hot, you're the Queen of England.

Random Guy: Guess that makes me the Queen of England?

Hayley: Dude. No. Unless you're actually a chick. You might wanna go check and make sure, I'm not positive you are a guy, now that you mention it....
by Angielovesyou;) November 22, 2010
3:sexy ass
4:not fat
5:wayy sexy
6:fun and crazy

hayley: omgsh ges what?

some hoe: what?

hayley: im totally going out with that hawt new guy

some hoe: are you seriuos?hes only been here for 2 days!

hayley: mhm,so what he was at my house last night,so was bryan!!

some hoe: omgsh you slutt bryan has a girlfriend!!

hayley: not anyy moree ;] but me n him are just friends..with benifits ;]
by smexyhayley15 August 26, 2008
shes a gangsta girl with a mind of her own and she is always the life of the part cause she can make anyone laugh
dd you see hayley at that party?
yes she was imposible to miss.
by menina44 September 07, 2008
Hayley are generally incredibly sweet girls and will always go out of their way for absolutely everyone. They are very loyal and take friendship very seriously. They pretend they don't care at all about what others think, but in reality their life revolves around pleasing others. They are usually short, and blonde, and because of this are usually termed 'cute', much to their dislike. However, as soon as you cross a Hayley, you are doomed as they are very fierce enemies and don't forgive easily. They are mostly found at the beach, and are extremely intelligent. Hayleys usually have a very sarcastic dry sense of humor, but because of their niceness, it is overlooked.
Person 1: Ohhh I love Hayley, she is the SWEETEST person. She gave me a chocolate yesterday just because she knew I was feeling down.
Person 2: Yeah, but did you see how she treated that person who was nasty to her friend? I'd hate to be on her bad side!
by It's true. June 18, 2011
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