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anything nasty like mung
eating mung is gross
by pecial August 16, 2006
To express ones displeasure in a females appearance.
Guy1: Look at that foe.
Guy2: Gross!
by JohnnyMize April 10, 2003
that which is so distasteful, it defies description.
What the fuck?! That was just gross!
by Witchie-coo November 06, 2002
something rank
or nasty like tia
Tia's armpits are so gross.
They smelled so rank!!
by austin kessler13 July 16, 2008
A certain type of hairstyle girls & boys, that Emo/Scene Kids Use.
Where Your Hair, looks messy yet really good.
Emo Girl:Your Hair Is So Sick!
Scene Girl:No, It's Gross.
Emo Girl:Yeah Your Right, It Is!
by Avyy January 27, 2008
fat person without clothes
by JFlack February 08, 2003