to pro-create (engage in hot sexual intercourse)
Sarah and Sean doink like jackrabbits on steroids.
by Anonymous November 25, 2002
to steal something and not return it back
I left my bling in my room and some motherfucker doinked it
by Melsy October 14, 2005
usually a small shard of poop
i think your dog left a doink on the ground
by bigmamak July 28, 2010
To do someone up the ass.
"you just poke me you weirdo? i knew you were into doinkin boys!!!"
by Noodle Man March 17, 2007
Doink can have the same meaning as "cool" or "awesome." Used to describe something you like.
Dude, that car is so "doink!"
by CR life April 21, 2009
Snorting a substance up ones nose, also known as doinking something.
"mate i doinked 4 grammes of ket and i thought my mum was made of pony's hair"
by alistair d December 07, 2008
A common phase used in volleyball when somebody hits the ball over on the 2nd hit.
I hate playing volleyball with John, he constantly doinks the ball over the net.

John is a real doinker. I wish he would learn some volleyball etiquette and realize that real players hit off the volley.
by Susan Silver April 28, 2008

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