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A universal measurement, can be used for almost anything.
A way of measuring the extent of adverb.
Man 1: Whoa, what happened to you?
Man 2: Hangover. Man, I was THAT drunk last night.

Kid: Dude, you should see my new English teacher's legs, they are THAT hot!

by Mr Damage February 19, 2008
533 109

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is thats a you the i shit fuck what this it bitch to like guy she ass not said of
not this, often used when pointing at something
Can i have that? No, not this, that.
by King of yesterday July 29, 2006
414 58
used to define a certain individual, or object that is the ideal of a particular type of class/group/belonging
Yo yo, there goes Jay-Z. Damn, hes THAT nigga.

Hey, is Paul Panoose south indian?
Heck yeah, Paul Panoose is THAT south indian, bitch.
by Harman 36 Dromore May 01, 2006
241 153
Is not a word, you dumb fucknuts. In the category of every other misspelled word, including "it's" "you're" and "they're"
That's= That is
Bob: Thats pretty cool
Sue: It's "that's pretty cool," you illiterate fuck
by Erica :] September 03, 2006
52 22
A response in agreement or in support of something just said. Agreeing with someone.
one guy: Man, that was an awesome catch ! other guy: Yeah, that.
one guy: this movie sucks! other guy: that !
by Ole Dad August 30, 2007
192 191
An abbreviated way of saying "That's what she said," or TWSS. For use in public situations where the full joke may be frowned upon by stuck-ups and hipsters.
I'd never seen anything that long before.

by ObliviousTragedy September 27, 2010
5 9
That: It's kinda like..I mean it is this but it's actually that. 9 times out of 10 I know..almost sord of like..yeah. It actually might be sord of..but when you put it that way it just kinda is. Soo..yeah I mean..just. That.
Those beers? No. THAT beers..
by David Carpenter April 30, 2008
136 200