The bass kicking in during a dance/rave tune!!
Man, this tune has one banging doink
by FAST=HARD May 21, 2009
unlike boinking someone, which consists of vaginal sex, doinking would be taking the less traveled road on a wimb. aka baby got back.
she wouldn't let me boink her so i doinked her!
by djkak February 15, 2009
a lovable buffon who makes lots of mistakes. Sort of like a klutz but only verbally. Ususally only pertains to foreigners.
"doink. Thats not how you use that word."
by bunny November 13, 2003
A rude word, so rude that it exceeds the offence of any other vulgar words.
Zoe: 'You're such a fucking doink!'
Ryan: 'mother fucking doink'
Emily: 'I've been such a doink today..'
by Alyshia Black December 28, 2011
To doink or not to doink? Any action or reaction. One could be the doinker, the doinkee or the doinked.

one could also find, the doinker(an object or "stuff")
I did doink it!! U doinked it? I done doinked it!!
or, I have da doinker. Who has da doinker? I do have da doinker!!
by Snyddogg February 05, 2010
Someone who is an asshole or a Dick. Generally used when curse words are not appropriate.
My Boss is a real doink.
by Randy Smith June 06, 2006
an extraordinarily stupid person
what a doink
by Anonymous March 14, 2003

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