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A short young chubby girl, usually dressed oddly, and often evoking a mild sense of pity.
The bee-girl from the Blind Melon video No Rain is clearly a doinker.
by thoughtless pig September 14, 2006
An empty-headed (and often shallow) person, especially a female. An airhead. Derived from the sound that an empty missle battery made in the '80s Atari arcade game, Missle Command ("doink", "doink", "doink").
"All those girls at the mall are just doinkers."
by EJ Spode September 05, 2008
A penis with a tendency to be extremely stretchy.
John stretched his doinker and slapped Jason in the face with it.Jason brown
by john September 05, 2003
Doinkers are fun, kid-powered animated ears. Use a hand controller to activate the movement of soft character ears (either one at a time or both at once) which are attached to a headband. Made by WowWee, award winning toy company best known for Robosapien and PaperJamz.
I want Doinkers bunny ears for Easter! They are made by WowWee and you will be able to find them just about everywhere!
by WowWee!! June 28, 2011
n.- doinkers are the feather-like hairs that stick up at the back of a scene type hairstyle.

close relative to 'dickers'.
"This morning I was trying to get my doinkers up but they kept falling down. I need a haircut, Goddammit!"
by skank_sam May 03, 2007
a) to punch or hit some one

b) can be used as a word when brain dead ,when not remembering the word to be used at the time in coversation!!
a) remember joel friday night at the stammo he completely doinked that dude!!

b) wheres the fucking doinker???
by mr cooke December 11, 2010
The shit; the best person in the world, nothing is as kool as the doinker
Doinker is so kool just looking at him would make you feel sorry for yourself
by Doinker April 29, 2005
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