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The word "doinking" is a synonym for having sex, to sleep with someone, fucking, bang and many others.
Hey dude, I was doinking this girl last night and it was awesome!
by Stelter October 17, 2011
Hooking Up With Someone Over Msn.
e.g Boy:Your So Fit, Fuck Me This Friday
Girl: Your So Doinking Me :L
by DorothyMayBest February 09, 2009
Doinking is trying to meet an objective that is most likely a waste of time, such as placing a square peg in a round hole.

Another situation you may find the word is when you are trying to create something out of what was seen as useless junk beforehand.

Some times, what you create after doinking is called a jerry-rig.
I was doinking with my broken computer when I realized I could use it to make an awesome belt.

When you're doinking around with an open receptical, be sure to use a plastic butter knife in the sockets and not a metal one.
by Xackery September 07, 2006
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