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Sexual Intercourse.

the less aggressive word of FUCK.
"Did you doink her yet?"
by LEc2 May 14, 2003
Adjective - used to describe somebody who is acting in a comically idiotic manner.
Billy looked like such a fucking doink when he smacked his head on that shelf before.
by BTMNKY January 12, 2004
1. to doink
2. the act of hitting someone in a comical way so as to need sound effects.
*punch* "doink"
by billymac May 20, 2003
A physically weak teen/man who closely resembles a dweeb, but is constantly trying to be cooler than he is. Doinks don't have to be smart or computer-savvy, but must always be a a harmless loser. Much more endearing than tools.
"Did you see Superbad? That McLovin is such a lovable doink."
by Skyfood April 04, 2009
Another name for the male penis. Usually only used if the penis is a talented one that can inflick massive pleasure for the sexual partner at that time. Someone can call their penis "Doink" only if they have never had even a medial compliment. it must be amazing!
Hey baby!! dont bite to hard on the doink!

Don't make me come overthere and throw some Doink down!

It's FREEZING outside and my Doink aint a bit shriviled!

Imma smack that hoe in the forehead with my Doink!

She took all but three fingers of my doink down her throat!
by iknowyourspot February 24, 2010
Doinking ranges from hooking up to having sex. It's a slightly more appropriate word to say in some situations.
Did Bobby and Jill just doink or are they just friends only?
by tearsintherain January 16, 2009
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