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adj. unfit for, weird, out-of-place, innapropriate, silly
Wearing a suitcoat with a plaid shirt looks doinky.
by Nimbus June 01, 2004
To get up on a member of the opposite sex (usually male to female) on a dancefloor and getting a semi (slight erection)
"Bob was getting doinky on that chick last night at the club!"
by DJ Tripp December 27, 2006
Describing or pertaining to someone or something that is so screwed up that it boggles the mind as to how it can stand its own existence.
Damn traffic! Get out of my way! Where'd you learn how to drive!?! I'm never going to make it on time because this traffic is doinky!
by Nicknac March 11, 2003
It's that last piece of shit that won't attach from your ass.
We can also use it towards a person who is always attached to your ass.
Hey doinky!
Shit, I had a huge doinky this morning!
by lizard83 May 14, 2010
can be used any way humanly possible. hello, goodbye, clothing. human beings, also produces well in raps.
"i'm going to have some doinky."
"want to doinky later"
"thats doinky as fuck"
"were smoking a doinky"
"wats up, the names doinky, yous guys wanna go doinky?" "who left there doinky in my car?"
"thats doinky fresh"
"what a doink"
"im leaving, doinky"
by doinky doinker September 05, 2008
When you smoke a blunt with weed and crack in it, drive to muscatine, and strip down naked all because god told you to.
Did you hear about H? He got doinky and put in the loony bin.
by SirDoinksAlot August 04, 2007
A derivation of "doink" used to describe things that are bad, dumb, or just plain doinky.
That movie was so doinky that we left the theater half way through it.
by doinkies February 23, 2004
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