The sound of ganking; usually spoken, sometimes shouted, when the act of ganking is taking place. A variation on "yoink"
"I'm going to gank one of these cookies." :grabs cookie: "Doink!"
by Missy August 29, 2003
a word exclaimed while pointing to one's groin area with both the index and middle fingers on each hand after seeing someone they would like to have sexual intercourse with.
an attractive young female walks by a group of young males, resulting in the most arrogant yet humurous young male of the group turning around to face her while gesturing and exclaiming "DOINK!".
by hillsyeah April 16, 2005
To add a person to your watched user list on message boards/forums.
I doinked Ebon but he hasn't doinked me.
by Camii April 28, 2005
when you have to take a big shit
"ahh man, i gotta doink!"
by fal4751 February 28, 2006

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