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vt. 1. To flub, or make a mistake, particularly in a sporting match.
I cannot believe that kicker doinked that field goal, even after the penalty gave him a second chance.
by Dale Mahoney October 07, 2003
The act of hitting someone in the balls.
Dobson was being a dillhole, so I doinked him, and now he has ovaries.
by Moof September 03, 2003
a word only used by people hoo have exprienceed burban talks and tramp seshis sucha as burns ross paul clark charlotte jessie karli jack
we had a doink burbon talk today
by paul and clark November 29, 2006
1. to place something(put it down)

2. to give possession to another, the opposite of yoink
As Chaz hands his father the wrench he asked for, Chaz says, "doink".

Doink needs not a response. It merely replaces the sound of moving something(setting it down or handing it off).
by TacoPat06 November 02, 2006
a word moderators or admins use when about to lock a thread/topic
"ok, this thread is useless...DOINK!" *locked*
by Dirge March 15, 2005
to waste time friviously
as in "doinking around on the computer."
by Torie Benson October 17, 2003
The sound of ganking; usually spoken, sometimes shouted, when the act of ganking is taking place. A variation on "yoink"
"I'm going to gank one of these cookies." :grabs cookie: "Doink!"
by Missy August 29, 2003