1. Intercourse.
2. Poke.
3. To mistakenly bung up something.
1. Why do us guys only care about doinking, sports, and food?
2. I turned around and my wife doinked me in the eye with her finger.
3. While painting the walls, my wife kept doinking the ceiling with the roller. Now we have to paint the ceiling again. I hope we don't doink the walls with the ceiling color.
by InfoSponge November 13, 2004
Doinking ranges from hooking up to having sex. It's a slightly more appropriate word to say in some situations.
Did Bobby and Jill just doink or are they just friends only?
by tearsintherain January 16, 2009
This is a Northern Irish term used to describe £1. It is usually used by people from a low socio-economic group with poor income and poor literate skills.
Sophie: Have you got a doink so i can buy some liquor

Ruairi: Fuck off, i need to buy mine u scavenging bastard!
by fuzz foster February 14, 2010
A person who is acting foolish and or annoying.
He is acting like a doink!

You are being a doink; knock it off!
by G Foxe March 09, 2014
Very short shorts, especially cutoff jeans with the pockets hanging below the cutoff line. Used only for men.
I know it's hot, today, but does gary really need to be wearing doinks and showing so much leg?
by Rake In Hell March 20, 2012
A person who is acting in a stupid manner. Usually used when your parents are around and you can't curse.
Gosh! Your such a doink!
by Fluffybeltran April 20, 2011
Someone who is unaware of something obvious, a person or persons that think they know what they are doing,but are not doing so correctly. Also something weird or unusual or just plain stupid.
Thats so doinky.
by TheMostDoinkedUpPersonOnThePla December 18, 2010

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