the thing people use to:
1. Go on MySpace or any other blog-related sites
2. download porn
3. illegally download music
4. play games
5. and use to look up the word "computer" on
I looked up the word "computer" on =O.
by d3r3nc3 October 23, 2006
The answer to every single question.
Billy: How do they make cheese?
Bob: Computers.
by LizzanceRopierre February 21, 2005
A $1000 facebook machine
Scoot-I need the computer
by maximum628 January 28, 2010
That addicting little box you're sitting in front of
*twitch* I've got to get on my computer. I haven't been on for 20 minutes. *twitch*
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
Similar to air conditioners. Works fine until you open up windows.
On second thought, air conditioners are better than computers.
by SquirrelMoose August 15, 2008
a giant box filled with electrical pathways and boards to release secret airborne chemicals to make us addicted to the computer frequency thus causing high electrical bills
wow. look at 10 computers! wow! look at my bill! 45 grand!
by gusto5 April 08, 2004
A piece of crap that always fuckin shuts down on you every fuckin time you are trying to work on it, put on some music, play games, etc. Often associated with the blue screen of death.
I fuckin hate this computer. I'll reboot you! (Kicks it up into the air with my boot on.)
by Ryan November 30, 2004

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