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(v) a way of taking back everything you just said
Often used as the expression "I'm just kidding"
Your mom is fat, stupid slut, who smells so bad it makes me vomit, I'm just kidding.

by fatwinks May 12, 2006
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It's the act of stealing, drinking, plundering, killing and raping in the English town called Kidderminster.
Judge asking from a thug: What were you doing last week?

Thug: Nothing much, I was just kidding in Kidderminster.

Judge: Oh, that's nice. You're free to go!
by AdmiraLR October 19, 2011
The act of mowing down small children with ones car. (verb)
School enrollment dropped after Mr. Jones went kidding through the playground.
by Knightfox9 January 16, 2012
The act of committing one or more pedophile acts in a row.
"Hey Bill What Were You Doing?" Bill:"Oh I just Got Done Kidding"
by As Known As "The Fonz" August 12, 2009
Continuosly giving birth .
Seriously mehn, you and your wife really need to get serious and stop kidding. 14 kids not enuf?
by Makay November 02, 2009

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