A machine which calculates data and performs commands given to it by a person who uses it.
Computers are now a part of human society.
by AYB March 10, 2003
Origin of the word is from women who use to sit at desks counting numbers all day. Eventually replaced by machinery so that women can stay home and cook.

Has slowly developed into a device primarily used for downloading pornography and talking shit anonymously. Quite possibly the best invention ever.
I just downloaded some bestiality pics and I keep them in My Pictures on my computer.
by G-Funk November 23, 2004
The machine that allows you to create anything you want... But virtually... (That means you'll never have it)
Look at this gorgeous womanon the screen ... How "flat" is she !!!
by LodLuT November 05, 2003
Are you fucking kidding me?
You're using a computer to look up the definition for computer? God damn it you suck!
by dollarbill3585 October 04, 2013
Code word for hot chick in the office.
Hey Morelli, you gotta go check out the new computer on the first floor.
by Kidzap August 09, 2005
A machine consisting of a processing unit, some form of memory, and peripheral devices for input and output. Used almost exclusively for updating Adobe Flash, updating Adobe PDF Reader, updating Java, and updating iTunes.
I have a lot of work to do on the computer today, my Adobe PDF Reader hasn't been updated since last night and my Java is nearly three days old!
by flamberge April 30, 2013
A machine used for porn and facebook
Come look at porn then check your facebook (computer)
by frankthekill July 05, 2011

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